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The Irina Project works with knowledgeable experts to generate TIP sheets (see what we did there?) to provide story ideas, reporting strategies, issue context, interview leads and more. Click on the headlines to read each TIP sheet, which is also downloadable. Please credit the TIP sheet author if you use any of their information and follow up with them as appropriate.

Is there a topic you’d like to see treated to a TIP sheet? Want to create a TIP sheet? Let us know!

by Siobahn Stiles, PhD, Assistant Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Studies, Criminal Justice, and Psychology, Huntingdon College


by Alex Trouteaud, Ph.D., Director of Policy and Research, Demand Abolition/Swanee Hunt Alternatives, 2017-2018




by Minh Dang, Ph.D., Executive Director & Founder, Survivor Alliance, @empwrsurvivors



by J. David McSwane, Investigative Reporter, ProPublica, @davidmcswane



by Paul Cuadros, Investigative Reporter/Author, Associate Professor, UNC-CH



by Jessa Dillow Crisp, Co-Founder & Executive Director, BridgeHope



by Liz Schlemmer, TIP Project Manager, 2016-2017